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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

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July 14th 2016

Schooner Haukur in Iceland’s longest fjord

This summer, North Sailing has been offering exclusive tours to Eyjafjörður, “the fjord of islands”. Whale watching, sailing, sea angling, swimming and island hopping is tailored into these costume-made tours.

The following pictures are from last week’s tour.

Photographs by Arnaldur/pix.is

July 5th 2016

Andvari trumped Bátur Bátsson

North Sailing’s 10th renovated oak boat will be named Andvari, as a result of a naming competition held this past June. 


Entries, sent from all over the world, came down to roughly four hundred sorts; one witty Austrian suggested Bátur Bátsson and, according to a dark humored Fin, future passengers ought to be welcomed on board THE DEATHSTAR (caps intended). 


Most suggestions, however, were thoughtful and solid, perhaps given the grand prize. 


A finalist of six names was brought to a vote among the North Sailing staff. Straumur and Electra came second and third, respectively, both highlighting how the boat will powered—by electricity. (The Icelandic word straumur means “an electric current” or “a stream”, depending on context.)


Andvari, an old Norse name, means “a gentle breeze that glides silently through the air”.


And for the winners, Karítas Ríkharðsdóttir and Sævar Freyr Sigurðsson, it means a free, week-long adventure aboard one of our schooners in Greenland. 

July 4th 2016

Al Jazeera speaks to our Greenland chef

A chef in the North Atlantic for more than four decades, it’s Icelander Finnbogi Kristinsson’s job to lift spirits, keep his crew healthy, and step in whenever a problem arises.

July 1st 2016

The Jan Mayen Expedition

For the second continuous summer, North Sailing has facilitated a voyage to the remote island of Jan Mayen. 

June 30th 2016

Defeated Brits invited whale watching

When Iceland won England in the European Championship, North Sailing lost 23 tickets whale watching. 


A day before the match Guðbjartur Jónsson, North Sailing’s manager, said he would invite the entire English team on a free whale watching tour “to lick their wounds”. 


The Guardian published the “polite offer”, so we only assume Rooney and the other players know they are forever welcome to join our own captains at work. 


Guðbjartur Jónsson posing with the 23 tickets. 


June 13th 2016

Harbour deepening today - some delays possible

Due to harbour maintainance, some delays might occur today, monday the 13th of June. The maintainance is mainly to deepen the area close to and beneath the harbour where North Sailing has it´s vessels. All tours will sail but from the south side of the harbour. More information will be available in the Ticket Centre. Please excuse any delays or inconvenience this might incur.

June 3rd 2016

Sailboat Concert

Nordursigling-2783-skututonleikar-facebook-ensHúsavík Church Choir will host a concert onboard the electric sailing ship Opal in Skjálfandi bay today.

May 9th 2016

The 10th oak ship added to North Sailing´s fleet

Saeborg-nordursigling-webNorth Sailing recently purchased the oak ship Saeborg. The Saeborg was built in Akureyri in 1977 for a family in Húsavík. The ship was owned by the family for 24 years.

April 8th 2016

Pioneers in sustainable tourism since 1995 - New video

Check out the new video about North Sailing!

March 31st 2016

A sunken whale hunting boat becomes an Eco-friendly whale watching vessel

The sunken vessel being lifted from the seabed in As of tomorrow, April 1, North Sailing offers two daily departures for its whale watching tours from Húsavík. North Sailing is constantly expanding its operations and is currently having its latest vessel carefully restored at the local shipyard under the watchful eye of North Sailing’s master craftsmen.

March 14th 2016

Scheduled Whale Watching starts tomorrow

web-frettabref600The first scheduled whale watching tours of 2016 start tomorrow at 11:00 am. 

The Ticket Centre is open daily in March from 9:30 am to 14:30 pm. It´s also possible to book directly on www.northsailing.is.

March 3rd 2016

Blue whales spotted in Húsavík

bluewhalebreath-webNorth Sailing starts the first tours for whale watching next weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, March 5th. and 6th. - North Sailing jumpstarts the season with the highly popular 3 hour tours at 14:00 PM. 

February 26th 2016

Inspired by Iceland – a German film maker becomes guesthouse owner

Martin on Opal off Greenland coastHaving gained his first insight into Iceland as an apprentice at North Sailing, Martin Varga was actually so impressed by his experience as part of one of North Sailing‘s crews in the summer of 2006, that he asked to return the following year.

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