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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

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July 24th 2010

Mærudagar in Húsavík

There is currently a festival going on in Húsavík called Mærudagar. It translates to something like Candydays. Because of Mærudagar there is a lot going on in Húsavík these days and especially in the harbour area including, but not limited to, beach volleyball, a horse show, a motorcycle show, a market, a ram show and one of Northsailing own boats, Náttfari, has been turned into a pub.


Beach volleyball

Action in the beach volleyball.


The market

The Market.


Horses and other traffic

The horses going to the horse show.


Crowded harbour

Lots of people in the harbour area.



The rams and their judges.


Ram show

The spectators at the ram show.



A lot of motorcycles.


Náttfari pub

Náttfari Pub


Fun for the children.

Fun for the children.

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