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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

Grímsey Arctic Circle Whale Watching NSE-1

Whale watching expedition from Husavik

Edge of the Arctic Whale Watching NSE-1 has changed it's name and is now called Grímsey Arctic Circle Whale Watching since the 16th of March 2015.


We are proud to introduce this expedition style whale watching adventure that combines the best of our whale watching, nature and coastal culture tours into one amazing journey of discovery.


On this two day expedition you get to sail on a wooden schooner; observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, visit remote islands teaming with birdlife; cross the Arctic circle and experience the midnight sun.


Your home will be aboard one of our fine wooden Schooners guided by an expert crew that will share with you their love for sailing and knowledge of wildlife and history of the area.


No other whale watching tour in Iceland gives you more value for money or introduces you better to the Iceland‘s diverse marine wildlife, history and arctic scenery.


Grímsey Arctic Circle Whale Watching Video

Watch a short introduction video for Grímsey Arctic Circle Whale Watching Expedition





Day 1 (Monday) at 19:00 

Welcome aboard! After showing you to your cabin and taking you around to get you orientated aboard the Schooner we‘ll have dinner in our restaurant „Gamli Baukur“ which is located at the harbour. 


Day 2 (Tuesday) at 08:00

Breakfast on board our Schooner.


Whale watching
Your adventure begins at 09:00 when sails are hoisted and a course is set from Húsavík harbour out to Skjalfandi bay where spectacular seascapes and marine wildlife encounters await. Cruising through one of the best area for whale watching in Iceland you can sit back and take in the views, watch for whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife.


Puffin Island
Taking a short brake from whale spotting we sail towards the small Puffin island which during breeding season is home to around 300.000 Atlantic Puffins (Fratercuula arctica) as well as a multitude of other seabirds, including Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis), Black guillemot (Cepphus grylle) and Arctic tern (Sterna paradisea).


Flatey Island
From birdwatching around Puffin island the course is set across Skjálfandi Bay for Flatey island that offers various sights of natural, cultural and historical interest. We‘ll drop anchor, go ashore to explore this flat island that was settled early in Iceland‘s history but is now virtually uninhabited.


Flatey island is a paradise for birdwatching where majority of bird species in Iceland can be found during breeding season. Heading back to the Schooner we‘ll sit down for lunch before leaving the island.


Grímsey Island
Hoisting the sails we make our way to Grímsey island located off the North coast directly on the Arctic circle. Sailing through rich fishing grounds we try our luck fishing and what we catch we prepare for dinner on board in the evening.


Reaching Grímsey island we drop anchor and go ashore to explore this northernmost inhabited place in Iceland,- home to a small community of fishermen, farmers and one million seabirds!


In the evening we‘ll have dinner on board our Schooner and settle down for what according to your clock should be night,- but during summer in Grimsey there is no night! When you retire to your cabin the sound of waves lapping against a wooden hull and a steady background music of Arctic nature will lull you to sleep in no time.


Day three (Wednesday) 09:00

Waking up to the sounds of nature we make breakfast and take it easy for a while before drawing anchor and sailing around the island to explore one of the greatest bird watching areas on the northern hemisphere.


Making our way back to Húsavík dramatic mountain views to one of Iceland‘s most remote areas and the open arctic sea creates the perfect setting to step back into history and connect with the age old tradition of sailing.


As our Schooner plows the waves you can watch for whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife or just sit back and let you self fall into the rich surroundings.


Entering Skjálfandi bay we look for Humpback whales, Minke whales, Dolphins and other cetaceans that can be found feeding and playing in the bay.


Around 18:00 we drop anchor in Húsavik habour where sadly you have to return to the real world. Once you disembark the Schooner you can go for dinner at our restaurant „Gamli Baukur“, visit the Húsavík Whale Museum or take a dip into the local swimming pool.



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Grímsey Arctic Circle Whale Watching expedition photos

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