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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland


Hjalteyri Whale Watching Tour NS-4

Only a short 15 minute drive from Akureyri, Hjalteyri is conveniently located for whale watching on the west bank of Eyjafjörður.


kort_smallThe old herring meal and oil processing factory was the largest of its kind in Iceland. The factory shut down in 1966 and now hosts various activities.
Enjoy the scenic surroundings of Hjalteyri and experience the aura of old times.
Hjalteyri is a well kept secret in the heart of North Iceland.


You can also join this tour with a short return bus ride from Akureyri.
For more info visit FAB travel website here.


Photos from Whale Watching Tours in Hjalteyri

Hjalteyri Whale Watching

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