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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

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November 15th 2016

Hair drying weather

Some would argue that today's tour was a cold one. But on the bright side, if any of our guests couldn't manage to fit an hairdryer in his luggages for Iceland, today's wind probably did the trick!

Despite some rather rough conditions, we still enjoyed a very nice whale-watching. Two Minke whales showed up, rushing in the waves. And later 4 humpbacks came to visit us, enlightening the day with their signature move: the fluke lifting!

Tomorrow's weather is still uncertain. So, don't hesitate to call us if you wanna join and sail under our green flag.



Despite the rough weather...



our passenger stood tall and strong! And for the better reasons:







And they even had fun in the bumpy sea!


Frederic, Guide

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