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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

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November 22nd 2016

Shake it off

The days keep on going colder and colder. But the bay remains a gift that keeps on giving!

Our passengers could have been discouraged by the snow, the frost or even the shivering southern wind.

But they shook it off to enjoy the how of 3 beautiful humpback whales. They remained pretty close to us throughout the entire observation, surfacing sometimes right next to our ship Nattfari and obsvioulsy not minding our presence.

The sailing conditions should be similar tomorrow. So come warmly dressed on the ship. But come with us at sea, because the whales really seem to be in no rush to take their winter leave.





Trough the ice-cold Icelandic waters, appears the fluke of a humpback



Coming up right next to the ship.



And raising the fluke in front of the beautiful landscape of Skalfjandi Bay






Or in pair, next to the mountains of Viknafjöll.


Frederic, guide

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