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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

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November 23rd 2016

"I would shiver the whole tour through..."

Shivers were indeed the main theme of our tour today.

Basic shivers, for sure as we once again had to face a strong south wind that made the whole tour quite cold.

But shivers of excitement as well, for the fantastic whale show we were offered! 5 humpback whales in groups of two and three. From very close-up enconters to further observations enlightened by the early afternoon sunset, we had it all!

The weather will be the same tomorow. But if for the same show, today's guest and their smiles would be the first ones to encourage you to join us!





The first encounter, under the beautiful sunset lights.






Followed by a serie of close enconters...




And now, for the International synchronized swimming contest, the notes are 8/10 for this group of two whales...



...but the perfect 10 for this other one!


Frederic, guide.

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