Indeed, the crew was excellent. They did great efforts and succeeded to make this trip a wonderful experience. Martin and Sebastian prepared excellent cuisine. The local guide, Steen Pike, I appreciated very much his knowledge about settlements, hunting, socioeconomic etc. aspects of the Scoresbysund town and area.
The participants, different peoples and nationality, the team play was very well..
The Hildur has both drawbacks and advantages, however, the latter prevailing. The wooden ship is wonderful, and beautiful with all sails set. On deck there is a lot of space with several seatings and possibility to move around. Even possibility for having meals. Below the ship is narrow but ok with meals etc. The bunks above table/bench I experienced less optimal, at least I had not imagined that tight space in advance. It needed some habituation and adaptation. Maybe future participants should be prepared for this in the information material. I enjoyed the 2 nights in guesthouse Scoresbysund afterwards. Confessed, I have an age not more able to sleep anytime anywhere. The survival suits available were very valuable to keep warm on deck when windy.