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Whale watching Húsavík Iceland

Join us on the whale watching tour that put Húsavík on the map as the whale watching capital of Iceland. Choose the most environmentally friendly option and sail around Skjálfandi Bay on a silent electric boat. Explore the bustling Puffin Island on our whales and puffins tour or try whale watching on an authentic schooner and sail like a true Viking!

Whale Watching Árskógssandur

Join us for Whale watching from Árskógssandur, a charming village in the heart of North Iceland

Whales, Sails and Science Tour

Participate in ocean research, micro-plastic analysis and gain a deeper insight into the life of whales.

Greenland Expedition

Explore Greenland on our amazing week long sailing in Scoresby Sund – a once in a lifetime adventure.

Iceland Expedition

Experience Summer Solstice at the Arctic Coast of Iceland onboard the award-winning sailboat Opal.

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