North Sailing is a Certified Responsible Whale Watching Operator

by the World Cetacean Alliance

Responsible whale watching certification
WCA certification for responsible whale watching

North Sailing has received international certification from the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) as a responsible whale watching operator. It’s great recognition for our pioneering work in developing responsible whale watching tours in Iceland. Read more about our mission to protect cetaceans here.

World Cetacean Alliance

The World Cetacean Alliance is the world’s largest network of experts, scientists, tour operators and NGOs working towards best practice and sustainability in whale and dolphin watching tourism. We are genuinely delighted that we have reached WCA Global Guidelines for Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching, overseen by an international panel with specialist knowledge.

WCA Responsible Whale Watching Certification

The Responsible Whale Watching Certification is awarded to whale and dolphin watching companies that operate with the highest standards of care for local wildlife, sustainability, and customer experience.

Humpback whale diving in Skjálfandi Bay

Customers of WCA certified responsible whale and dolphin watching tours can be confident they are travelling with the very best whale and dolphin watching experiences in the world! Therefore the tours operate with the utmost care for local wildlife, sustainability, and the customer experience.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us on the mission to responsible whale watching.