Sei Whale 

The sei whale is, like the blue and fin whale, a baleen whale.


The sei whale is 12-20 m in length, very dark in colour and the spout, 3 m in height, can be spotted in good weather conditions. The Sei whale and the minke whale are similar in look and sei whale can easily be mistaken for a minke whale, but the sei whale is bigger in size and has a dominant dorsal fin.


The breathing cycle is up to 3-4 times, before deep diving. Usually, it stays submerged for 5-7 minutes, sometimes longer. The sei whale generally doesn’t lift the fluke, but will sometimes roll over before diving.


These species can best be spotted in the west of Iceland, but prefer to keep to deeper waters; about 30-60 miles offshore. An estimated 10,000 individuals travel to Icelandic waters every summer, feeding mainly on plankton, krill and various species of small fish.

Sei whale as on Wikipedia


15–20 meters


20–30 tons.

Worldwide population:

50.000–70.000 individuals

Life expectancy:

 About 80 years