Puffin (Fratercula arctica)

Puffin is distributed all around Iceland and is the most numerous bird species. It nests in colonies where it digs burrows in grassy area but sometimes it nests in rocky slopes or in fractures in cliffs. The colonies are usually placed in slopes on islands or the coast of the mainland.


Outside the breeding season the puffins stay on the ocean far from the coast. Puffins feed mainly on small fish, especially sandeel and capelin.


Puffins nest on all the islands of Skjálfandi bay and also on the tip of Tjörnes peninsula. The largest population is on Lundey island where an incredilble number of Puffins nest.


The breeding population in Skjálfandi bay is estimated around 100,000 pairs, making it the most numerous bird in the area and easily seen on sea.


32 cm


364-605 g


47-65 cm


 3,000,000 pairs