The fleet of North Sailing

One of the main aims of North Sailing is the preservation of Icelandic oak fishing-boats. In fact, the North Sailing story started with the restoration of the wooden fishing boat Knörrinn and saving it from destruction. In the construction of these oak boats, Icelandic carpenters elevated their craftmanship to a fine art! Regulations concerning both the choice of materials and the strength of these boats, were particularly strict in Iceland. North Sailing has used oak-boats since the beginning, in 1995, and the experience clearly shows that these vessels, with their gentle and relaxing movement, provide a particularly comfortable and quiet means of sailing the seas.

It is North Sailing’s pride and policy to be pioneers in preserving the national heritage and supporting the coastal and maritime culture and customs by renovating both boats and buildings by the harbour.

All of North Sailing’s boats are traditional wooden fishing boats, which have been carefully restored and adapted to a new role without compromising their original character. All the boats undergo strict inspection and are approved by Icelandic Transport Authorities.

North Sailing now operates nine Icelandic, one Danish and one German oak boats that have been specially converted to carry passengers. Three of them, Opal, Hildur and Haukur have been transformed into two mast schooners, the only three of its kind in Iceland.


All the North Sailing boats are available for rent whether it’s for shorter or longer tours or even just for special occasions on board without leaving the harbour. Some of the boats are ideal for smaller parties, meetings and other gatherings.

Iceland’s only Schooners

The schooners of North Sailing, Haukur, Hildur and Opal, are descendants of the first decked sailing vessels in north Iceland in the 19th century. The knowledge and know-how of handling and maintaining gaff rigged ships had been all but lost in Iceland. The schooners of North Sailing are now the only active vessels of its kind along Icelandic shores.

The boats