About North Sailing Husavik Whale Watching

North Sailing Husavik Whale WatchingNorth Sailing – Húsavík Whale Watching was established in 1995 in the town of Húsavík in North Iceland. The first whale watching tour was launched with a small wooden boat, a whole lot of excitement, dedication and passion that set the style for every North Sailing journey that followed.


Today, more then 25 years later, North Sailing – Husavik Whale Watching is recognised as the pioneer of whale watching in Iceland offering authentic and inspirational marine wildlife tours and sailing adventures.


North Sailing has received numerous honors and awards internationally and domestically for delivering consistent outstanding quality experiences for our customers. Our Husavik Original Whale Watching Tour has set a standard for excellence in whale watching trips and placed the small town of Húsavík on the map as the capital of whale watching in Iceland.


North Sailing works closely with Húsavík Research Center (University of Iceland) and Húsavík Whale Museum, conducting research on whales. Scientists can often be observed on board the boats, taking samples and collecting data.


North Sailing owns the restaurant Gamli Baukur which is located in an old style renovated house by Húsavík harbour just a few steps from our fleet of whale watching boats and schooners.