Flatey Island

Travel back in time to the deserted Flatey Island in Skjálfandi Bay. Once home to a small community of fishermen and their families, this tranquil birding paradise offers a glimpse into a world that once was.

Time stands still in Flatey Island. The fast-paced modern life has not reached the shores of this small and peaceful paradise of the north. If you are looking for a place to rewind, take a deep breath and slow your pace, then spending a few hours in Flatey Island is highly recommended.

Arctic Tern in Flatey © Christian Schmidt
Arctic Tern in Flatey © Christian Schmidt

A fantastic place for bird watching

The island has an extraordinary birdlife with over 30 species to be seen during the summertime, including the Arctic Tern, Common Eider and Puffins. It is easy to forget yourself strolling around, surrounded by birds and the tranquil natural beauty of the island.

Sunset in Flatey © Aleš Mucha
Sunset in Flatey © Aleš Mucha

The old village

The first people settled in Flatey Island in the 12th century. For the centuries to follow, they lived mainly of fishing, but farming and perquisites like driftwood, eggs and eiderdown harvesting also made living on this isolated island possible. The highest number of inhabitants was reached during the middle of the 19th century when 120 people lived on the island. The last inhabitants moved away in 1967. Since then, the ancestors of the families residing in Flatey have maintained their houses and spend parts of the year on the island, mainly in the summer.
Besides the family houses still standing in good condition, there is also a church, a lighthouse, the old primary school and the old harbour.

Schooner Hildur sailing towards Flatey
Schooner Hildur sailing towards Flatey

Tours to Flatey Island

North Sailing offers tours to Flatey Island all year round, available upon request. With our diverse fleet of beautifully restored oak fishing boats and traditional sailing boats, we can always find the perfect boat to suit your trip to the island. Our boats are very appropriate for the journey as they go hand in hand with the atmosphere on the island, strengthening the experience of travelling back in time.

Tranquillity in Flatey © Christian Schmidt
Tranquillity in Flatey © Christian Schmidt

Guided tour around the Island

We offer optional guided tours around Flatey island with a local family. You will hear stories about the history of the small community, how it must have been living there through harsh Icelandic winters and lively summers with endless days. The family will invite you for refreshment in their beautifully renovated old fishermen’s hut and show you around the magical places the island has to offer.

Take your group of friends or family to Flatey Island

A trip to Flatey Island is perfect for your group whether it is friends, colleagues or family that you want to spend a memorable time with. We can arrange everything from transport and logistics to food, drinks and activities to make the most of your trip to the island. During the sailing to and from the island, it is possible to try your luck with sea angling, visit the Puffins in Puffin Island and even watch whales along the way.

Flatey old harbour © Christian Schmidt
Flatey old harbour © Christian Schmidt

Let’s plan your dream trip to Flatey Island

Get in touch with us, and together we can create a great itinerary for your trip to Flatey Island. We can accommodate both small and large groups and are flexible with timing and planning. Tell us your ideas, and we will make them into a fantastic trip!

5-6 hours approx. (Shorter or longer tours available.)

Available upon request.

Húsavík, Iceland



  • Whale Watching*
  • Sea angling*
  • Guided tour around the island*
  • Yoga*


  • Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns*
  • Barbeque on board or in Flatey*
  • Drinks*


  • Captain and a guide.
  • Onboard chef*

Extra clothes

  • Warm overalls and raincoats if needed.


  • Accommodation can be arranged in Flatey Island upon request*

* Optional

Booking and requests

For booking requests, charter price and further details please contact:

Líney Gylfadóttir
+354 849 4424

Signý Jónasdóttir
+354 696 2915