Logbook 2009


Sightings Húsavík 2009

From April to October 2009, whales were spotted in 758 out of 796 tours = 95,2%.
In total, nine species were spotted: Harbour porpoises, White-beaked dolphins, Minke whales, Killer whales, Sei whales, Northern Bottlenose whales, Blue whales, Fin whales and Humpback whales.


Summary 2009
Minke whales in 458 of 796 57,5%
Humpback whales in 442 of 796 55,5%
White-beaked dolphins in 175 of 796 22,0%
Harbour porpoises in 132 of 796 16,6%
Blue whales in 112 of 796 14,1%
Northern Bottlenose whales in 31 of 796 3,9%
Fin whales in 21 of 796 2,6%
Sei whales in 7 of 796 0,9%
Killer whales in 3 of 796 0,1%
Total: 758 of 796 95,2%


Please note: When it comes to calculating the success rate of trips, different companies have different methods, some more credible than others. As a rule of thumb, North Sailing’s crews count trip as “unsuccessful” if nothing bigger than porpoises is seen during the tour. Also if for some reasons conditions to spot the whales are that hard that not every passenger sees the whales we do not count those trips as successful.