East Greenland Extended

13-day Expedition

Our all-time favourite Scoresby Sound expedition with five extra days, including crossing back to Húsavík, Iceland.

Explore deeper into the less visited fjords of Scoresby Sound.

Sunrise zodiac ride through Iceberg City

Embark on this extraordinary expedition into the vast landscapes of Scoresby Sound, the most extensive fjord system in the world. Sail into the less explored parts of the fjord with incredible wildlife and remarkable nature.

On top of our classic itinerary full of mindblowing encounters and experiences, we will travel further into the impressive Gåsefjord with its breathtaking basalt cliffs and glaciers. We will also venture deeper into Nordvestfjord to witness some of the world’s most enormous icebergs.

North Sailing Scoresby Sound Extended Map

This is a unique chance to join our experienced crew to discover the secret places of this arctic paradise!

Sea ice in Scoresby Sound

Let’s discover the hidden arctic together!

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Mountain view in Scoresby Sound