Our Team

North Sailing has from the start been a family company, run by three generations. The company has always had great luck with employees, some of which have worked from its establishment, knowledge and experience can definitely make a great difference in the whale watching business. North Sailing has also put great effort into recruiting and training new crew members and other staff. It has been an aim of the company to maintain a good morale and, in return, people come back to work for North Sailing year after year.

Naturally, more people work for the company during the summer as that is the peak of the whale watching season and during high season it is very important that everything works smoothly so it’s impossible to put a price on experienced and well-trained staff.

During the wintertime our whole year round team works for the company, both in the office and maintaining the boats but the number of staff multiplies during the summertime. The jobs are both land-based, which include selling tickets, maintaining boats and working at the office, or on the boats where we have the captains, engineers, guides and deckhands.