Responsible Whale Watching

North Sailing aims to be a Responsible Whale Watching Operator according to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society´s (WDCS) definition. That includes being truly responsible and sustainable to cetaceans and the marine environment as well as being truly beneficial to passengers, operators and communities.

North Sailing´s whale watching tours therefore include:

– A prime recreational and educational experience for our guests, which motivates them to care about cetaceans.

– An experience that seeks to reduce the impact on whales, so that whales are watched with the lightest “footprint” possible.

– Opportunities for researchers to gather scientific information and publish findings to managers and the public.

– An experience built around a nature guide who can provide accurate information, help to find the whales and describe their behavior.

– The active involvement of the community, enabling a financial as well as a personal interest in whale watching and the conservation of cetaceans and the sea.