Whale Sounds

Every year researches on whales become a bigger part of daily life in Skjálfandi Bay. The Húsavík Whale Museum has from its beginning collected info and data in good cooperation with North Sailing. In the year 2007 the University of Iceland established a research centre in Húsavík which focuses on marine biology, especially marine mammals. One of the results of these valuable researches in the bay are sound recordings of whales that visit Skjálfandi Bay.

Below are three whale species that have been recorded by the scientists at the research centre. Click a whale to listen and learn more.

The humpback whale sounds

The humpback whale is one of the most common whale species in Iceland and many have heard of the famous “song of the humpback whale”.

White Beaked Dolphin sounds

The white beaked dolphin is the most common dolphin species in Icelandic waters. Click to check out two sounds examples that were recorded in Skjálfandi Bay.

Blue whale sounds

The majestic blue whale is an occasional visitor in Skjálfandi Bay. Here is a recording of the Blue whale. Click to listen.