Meditation at Skjálfandi Bay Húsavík

Solstice Meditation Journey

Blue Therapy and Gong by the Arctic

Sailing meditation onboard the authentic sailboat Opal towards the tranquil Flatey Island in Skjálfandi Bay, North Iceland.

Sail around Skjálfandi Bay, a beloved Hope Spot in North East Iceland and nested only a few nautical miles from the Arctic Circle for a two-day immersive Solstice meditation journey where we will enjoy the healing benefits of Blue Therapy. The eco-friendly, award-winning schooner Ópal will be our home for the trip, giving us an experience of silent, slow travel while mindfully recharging in pure nature.

Arnbjörg Kristín

Arnbjörg Kristín Konráðsdóttir

Arnbjorg Kristin is a yoga teacher, sound healer and whale gong enthusiast who lives in Akureyri in North Iceland. She values each moment spent in nature and to connect with the ocean and the wildlife.

Huld Hafliðadóttir

Huld Hafliðadóttir

Huld is a yoga teacher, sound healer and ocean lover who also works to protect our precious oceans. Living in Húsavík, she founded Spirit North, where she leads meditation journeys in nature, retreats and private classes.

Flatey island hiking

We will stop on Flatey island, walk around, do optional yoga together and meditate in an ancient circle built in the 1100s by local farmer Stjörnu-Oddi, who studied the cycle of the sun.

Sunset sailing onboard Opal

Connecting with Nature

Local yoga instructors, guides and sound healers Arnbjörg Kristín and Huld Hafliðadóttir will guide the experience and hold space while we sail, connect to the whales and nature, learn about the wildlife, historic sites and mountains by Skjálfandi Bay. We will honor the solstice tradition and set positive intentions for health and healing and meditate together at this energizing time of the year under the midnight sun. At one point we will stop the boat, lay down and enjoy relaxing soundhealing sessions with gongs.

Meditation and relaxation on Skjálfandi Bay
Meditation and relaxation on Skjálfandi Bay


The healing sounds of the gong help the mind become still and the nervous system to shift into a parasympathetic state and experience a deeper sense of connection with the environment.

Meditation at sunset by Skjálfandi Bay Húsavík
Yoga by Skjálfandi Bay


Yoga breathing (pranayama) and asana (postures) help align the body, mind and soul with their natural state where one can neutrally observe life and experience inner peace.

Relaxation while sailing on Skjálfandi Bay
Relaxation while sailing on Skjálfandi Bay

Blue Therapy

Blue Therapy is about spending time close to blue spaces free from pollution such as the ocean, lakes and rivers. Blue spaces are naturally rich in negative ions that bring us into a parasympathetic state and relaxation.

Relaxation onboard sailboat Opal
Relaxation onboard sailboat Opal


Mindfulness is observing nature and inner state without judgment as it is. Non-resistance to the now in a safe environment reduces stress and calms the mind. Mindfulness helps us experience the three flows of compassion; self-compassion, compassion for others and the ability to receive compassion.

Sunset Opal © Ása Steinars

Schooner Ópal – The perfect platform for a mindfulness journey

The hybrid-electric wooden sailboat Ópal, the flagship of North Sailing, is a unique platform for meaningful and inspiring adventures. Ópal is a traditionally rigged tall ship with 10 sails, including traditional square sails. The sail area of 500 sqm makes her the biggest sailing boat in Iceland.

Opal sailing Skjálfandi Bay
Opal sailing Skjálfandi Bay

Schooner Ópal

Bringing together the best of both worlds, Opal has an authentic charm and feel, whether powered by the wind or driven by a hybrid-electric engine.

Bathing in the onboard hot tub
Bathing in the onboard hot tub

Hot tub and main features

Featuring an on-deck hot tub, a dining saloon with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, and 6 twin passenger cabins – the possibilities are endless.

Food served on the deck
Food served on the deck

Mindful dining

Enjoy healthy and nourishing meals made from local sources and prepared with love by the onboard chef.

Sunset onboard Opal

The healing ocean world of Skjálfandi Bay

Dive into the revitalizing waters of Skjálfandi Bay, where calming ocean waves meet the world of whales from deep beneath. Experience a deep connection to nature, inviting a sense of calm and harmony.

Humpback whale close to Húsavík
Humpback whale close to Húsavík

Iceland’s first Hope Spot

In 2023, Skjálfandi Bay, was chosen as one of the first Hope Spot in Iceland. Hope Spots are marine areas considered unique globally and are crucial for the ecosystems of the ocean.

Midnight sun Flatey Island
Midnight sun Flatey Island

The peaceful Flatey Island

In Flatey Island, time appears to stand still, untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life. Nestled in the tranquillity of Skjálfandi Bay, it serves as an ideal retreat to unwind, take a deep breath, and meditate. Spending a night on Flatey Island will allow us to enjoy a peaceful escape.

Humpback whales blowing close to Flatey Island
Humpback whales blowing close to Flatey Island

Whales and wildlife

Skjálfandi Bay is probably the best place to see whales in Europe, owing to its large diversity of marine mammals and numerous bird colonies. Your yoga teacher, Huld, was a North Sailing whale watching guide for several years and will keep her eyes open to spot wildlife during this meditation trip.

Rooted in history

Explore Iceland’s historical tapestry, where Viking settlement tales, artistic brilliance, and celestial insights harmoniously blend.

Flatey island

Viking Legacy

According to the Landnámabók (“Book of Settlement”), Húsavík was the first place in Iceland to be settled by the Swedish Viking Garðar Svavarsson. He stayed here for one winter around 870 A.D. Later Reykjavik was settled by Ingólfur Arnarsson in 874 A.D. Húsavík is therefore the oldest town in Iceland with 2.307 inhabitants today.


Kjarval is one of the most beloved painter in the history of Iceland. He painted outside, cared deeply about nature and left a big collection of paintings of the natural world. He also wrote an article pleading the Icelandic nation to reconsider whaling to preserve peace.

Stjörnu Oddi

Stjörnu-Oddi (Star-Oddi) was an Icelandic agricultural worker and fisherman known for his studies of astronomy and dream visions in the late medieval times, who amongst other things studied the cycle of the sun in the arctic hemisphere. His work proved later to be helpful for sailors navigating around Iceland.

Schooner Opal with manta trawl

Reserve your tranquil escape

Practice yoga and meditate onboard the amazing Opal in one of the most beautiful settings on our planet, which Skjálfandi Bay truly is.

The journey will be full of recharging and inspiring moments

Live onboard the hybrid-electric Schooner Ópal
Unwind in the on-deck hot tub
Enjoy the healing benefits of Blue Therapy
Sail around Skjálfandi Bay, one of Iceland’s first Hope Spot
Experience slow travel
Mindfully recharge in pure nature
Enjoy food prepared from local, healthy ingredients
Practice outdoor yoga in pure nature
Swim in the Arctic Ocean
Enjoy the healing sounds of the Gong
Connect with whales and nature
Set positive intentions for your health


Let this be the year you connect with nature!

For reservations and further info contact:

Old wooden church at Flatey island