Four minke whales in the western part of the bay

It was pouring rain this morning in Húsavík but the rain had stopped when we went out at 13:30 on North-sailings oldest whalewatching boat, Knörrinn.


We knew for a fact that some minke whales where in the western part of the bay, so that was our destination. We ran into couple of Harbour porpoises and plenty of White-beaked dolphins on our way there and finally we reached the creek called Naustavík in the west. There we came across at least four minke whales which were feeding close to the surface, coming up with some great speed and splashing a bit in the surface. Almost everywhere we looked we could see a minke whale coming up to the surface to breath. It was a fantastic tour and both the passengers and the crew were satisfied with the great show we got from the feeding minke whales.


The minke whales have been playing the main role in the bay for the past few weeks, and they have been doing a great job. Always amazing to see these great animals so close up in the wild nature.



Here are some photos which were taken during the tour:


13.8.2010 Hrefna

A minke whale close up and a brave puffin who doesn´t mind the minke whale coming up so close to it.

© Taru Luolma



13.8.2010 Hrefna + farþegi

A minke whale and a passenger. © Taru Luolma


13.8.2010 buslandi Hrefna

A minke whale splashing in the surface. © Taru Luolma


13.8.2010 Feit Hrefna

This photo shows us how big the minke whales really are. © Taru Luolma


13.8.2010 Hrefna 2

A minke whale. © Taru Luolma


13.8.2010 Hrefna og Lundi

A minke whale and another brave puffin. © Taru Luolma


Ármann Örn, guide