Environmental Policy

North Sailing has adopted an active environmental policy based on the idea of sustainable development. All North Sailing boats are old, Icelandic oak boats that no longer serve their role as fishing boats. Therefore, instead of destruction, the boats have been given a new life and at the same time cultural heritage is preserved. Furthermore two of the boats have been rebuilt as traditional Icelandic schooners, the only ones in Iceland nowadays. North Sailing takes great pride in restoring, maintaining and conserving these traditional boats.

The oak boats have many advantages to plastic and steel boats. They are more silent and environmentally friendly by the means of a low fuel consumption rate. Whenever possible, wind power is utilized on board the schooners – making the power of an engine unnecessary. On board, the crew maintains respect for the wildlife at all times and the captains slow down as much as possible before reaching the area where the animals are.

North Sailing opposes whale killing and supports the protection of endangered species. North Sailing is certified by the Blue Flag, a voluntary eco-label, awarded to beaches and marinas that work towards sustainable development.

In the future, North Sailing will continue working on their environmental policy and goals. New ideas and progress in the field of sustainable development and renewable energy inspire North Sailing to achieve higher goals with every year.