The most obvious testimonial to our Scoresby Sound sailing adventure on the schooner Hildur is the fact that all 15 of the participants (passengers and crew) have been in frequent contact with one another – sharing stunning photos and stories – in a subconscious effort to prolong our enjoyment of the unique experience. The current (October) issue of Smithsonian Magazine features Greenland’s attractions along the west coast, the article’s author stating that “Greenland is one of the last frontiers of the tourism industry.” If so, we might qualify as “pioneers.”
We had the distinct advantage of seeing a remote area of East Greenland – the breathtaking scenery throughout Scoresby Sound, six degrees above the Arctic Circle – unspoiled as yet by even a hint of commercialism. The fact that our group of 15 (representing 10 different countries and ages ranging from 28 to 86) was such a compatible lot led to a close feeling of “family” by the end of the cruise.
The hardworking crew, from cooks to captain, went above and beyond to keep us comfortable, well-fed, and more than satisfied with their cheerfully rendered services. While quarters were tight below decks, we spent most of our time topside where there was plenty of room to walk around, or sit – even dance – while the parade of icebergs, glaciers, and majestic mountains glided by. What a life! No TV, no email, no news to bother us…not a care in the world except to wonder what was around the next bend in the Sound.
Thank you, North Sailing, for introducing us to a very special place on this Earth!