Humpback whale tail splash while whale watching

Easter Whale Watching Húsavík: Make Your Easters Unforgettable!

Join our Easter Whale Watching Húsavík tours! There’s no better way to spend your Easters than in the Whale Capital of Iceland! Easters are right around the corner. With less than three weeks to go, it’s time to figure out how to spend Easters in Iceland! In the Whale Capital of Iceland, you’ll find North Sailing, a dedicated family company with over 20 years of experience in whale watching in Iceland.

Whale watching in Húsavík Orcas spotted. Orca in Húsavík

Great Whale Watching in Húsavík: Orcas Spotted!

Orcas spotted in Húsavík earlier this week! The whale watching in Húsavík is going great in March. We’ve already spotted plenty of humpback whales and now orcas! We had an amazing whale watching tour earlier this week when we spotted a few orcas in Skjálfandi bay! After having seen humpback whales for a couple of days in a row, it was a pleasant surprise seeing the iconic orcas approach our boat!

Húsavík the whale watching capital of Iceland

Top 5 Things to Do in Húsavík

Most travelers visit Húsavík for the famous whale watching. There is, however, a substantial number of other activities and things to do in Húsavík! Húsavík is in the North of Iceland. It’s roughly an hour-drive away from Akureyri, the capital of Northern Iceland. The perfect conditions for whale watching have put Húsavík on the map as the whale watching capital of Iceland.

Sustainable Whale Watching!

The Icelandic Environmental Association awarded North Sailing the Blue Flag, for our sustainable whale watching. This acknowledgment represents a serious and profound commitment to both people and the environment. The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label, awarded to sustainable tour operators that make a special effort to protect the environment.

Today couldn’t be better!

The whale watching conditions today are basically as good as they get! Every tour this morning has been extremely successful and have 4 species already been spotted. White-beaked dolphins, minke whales, humpback whales and blue whales have been spotted and the humpback whales have been extremely playful while the blue whales are majestic as usual.…

What a fantastic whale watching season!

It is safe to say that this season has been the best whale watching season so far. Since North Sailing was founded, 22 years ago, there has never been as much life in Skjálfandi Bay as this summer! The main players are the humpback whales, which are quite unpredictable, as can be seen on the…

Schooner Haukur in Iceland’s longest fjord

This summer, North Sailing has been offering exclusive tours to Eyjafjörður, “the fjord of islands”. Whale watching, sailing, sea angling, swimming and island hopping is tailored into these costume-made tours.    The following pictures are from last week’s tour.   Photographs by Arnaldur/     Captain and crew; Hörður, Heiðrún and Egill.     Sailing;…

Andvari trumped Bátur Bátsson

North Sailing’s 10th renovated oak boat will be named Andvari, as a result of a naming competition held this past June.    Entries, sent from all over the world, came down to roughly four hundred sorts; one witty Austrian suggested Bátur Bátsson and, according to a dark humored Fin, future passengers ought to be welcomed on board THE DEATHSTAR (caps…

Al Jazeera speaks to our Greenland chef

A chef in the North Atlantic for more than four decades, it’s Icelander Finnbogi Kristinsson’s job to lift spirits, keep his crew healthy, and step in whenever a problem arises.   As part of an online interactive, Al Jazeera turned to Finnbogi Kristinsson, our long-term chef in the Greenland expeditions.   Read the interview.  …

The Jan Mayen Expedition

For the second continuous summer, North Sailing has facilitated a voyage to the remote island of Jan Mayen.   Led by faculty and graduate students at the University of St Andrews, North Sailing’s expedition ship The Donna Wood set sails June 5 to study the behavior of Northern Bottlenose whales.   Just as on regular…

Defeated Brits invited whale watching

When Iceland won England in the European Championship, North Sailing lost 23 tickets whale watching.    A day before the match Guðbjartur Jónsson, North Sailing’s manager, said he would invite the entire English team “to lick their wounds” on a whale watching day-tour.    The Guardian published the “polite offer”, so we only assume Rooney and…