The Passengership Gardar

The construction work in Gardar has been successful since new year, and non unforeseen problems have come up.   Following are some pictures, taken in January and February 2010.   HÞ     In the Wheelhouse   Jonas is  tightening the frontdeck with Wool.   Adalsteinn is painting the Engine room.   Big plans !   Down…


Turning point for Schooner Hildur

As the Icelandic team is now leaving Egernsund for Húsavík, Schooner Hildur sees a turning point in her life.  For the last few months she has been losing weight as more and more worn oak planks, stanchions and steel parts such as the engine and wheelhouse have been torn off and hauled up on the…


Garðar – update

For the past few days there have been up to 10 men working on Garðar in Húsavík harbour. A temporary shelter is beeing built over the boat to make all work easier on deck, giving shelter from rain or snow. Following are a few photos of this week´s work.   The shelter is beeing built …


Work on schooner Hildur in Egernsund proceeds

The last few weeks 4 Icelanders have been staying in Egernsund in Denmark, near the German borders in order to work on North Sailing's schooner to be.       Hildur in mid November   Their job has been mainly to take out everything that cannot be used and has to be replaced such as…


Environmental Award nomination

North Sailing has been nominated for the Icelandic Tourist Board´s  Environmental Awards 2009. The purpose of the awards is to put focus on tourism organisations that are active in environmental issues. They are meant to encourage tourism companies and their customers to be more concerned about their environment with the industry´s future in mind. This…



  Garðar, built in Esbjerg, Denmark is one of the largest oak boats afloat in Iceland Restoration of Garðar, a 109 ton oak boat continued during the summer and this fall the project was put into full swing were around 10-12 men work daily on this complicated and extensive reconstruction. But it’s It´s not only…


Restoration of Garðar continues

Restoration of our 109 ton boat Garðar is in full swing. This week, the boat was moved to another more convenient location in Húsavík harbour where work on the bulwark is carried out. Following are pictures taken today.   ÞH    


October Whale Watching

The 2009 season is soon coming to an end and from October 1st – 20th we´ll have one daily departure at 10:00. For booking and information about weather conditions, plese give us a call +354 464 7272, write an e-mail or book online.  


Sep 15. – 16. Quit again

The Minke whale seen 2 days ago hasn´t been found although seen by some fishermen every now and then. It seems to be feeding in the shallower parts of the bay but disapearing when we come to the area.

Hildur í Danmörku / Hildur in Denmark

Hildur came to port in Egernsund this morning and the journey was overall very successful. We´ll post some further news of the sailing when the crew returns to Húsavík. Following pictures were taken this morning when Hildur sailed to port in Egensund.   Hildur kom til Egernsund í morgun og gekk ferðin á heildina litið…


September schedule

From September 5th until September 30th we´ll sail daily at 10:00 and 13:30. For booking and information, please call +354 464 7272, write us an e-mail to or book online.

New adventure begins

North Sailing´s newest boat, Hildur, sailed off to Egernsund, Denmark on August 31st where she´ll be converted into a two mast schooner this winter. Currently, the boat is sailing off the south coast of Norway and plans to arrive at Skagen around noon tomorrow. The trip has been successful in every way and the boat…


33% luck today

In 1 out of 3 trips did we see whales today… It wasn´t until in the 17 o´clock tour that we found the Humpback again. One tricky whale this Humpback! 😉