Whale watching on a sailboat

Húsavík – The Best Place in Iceland to Go Whale Watching?

What is the best place in Iceland to go whale watching? There are many prominent whale watching areas in Iceland. It is possible to go whale watching in Reykjavík, Akureyri, Hauganes, Dalvík, Hjalteyri, and Húsavík to name a few. There is, however, only one Whale Watching Capital of Iceland – Húsavík! Iceland is a great place for whale watching, with over 20 whale species living in the water surrounding the Icelandic coastline.

Two Blue whales in Húsavík. Our traditional Icelandic schooner nearby giving the passengers a great whale watching tour

Weekend Whale Watching: Sperm Whales and Blue Whales in Húsavík!

Sperm whales and Blue whales spotted in Húsavík this weekend! Therefore, the number of whale species seen in Skjálfandi continues to increase! The whale watching in Húsavík is reaching a new peak, underlining why it’s called the Whale Capital of Iceland! March continues to be excellent in regards to whale watching in Iceland! A few days in, we’d never seen as many whales in the bay this early in the season.

Humpback whale tail splash while whale watching

Easter Whale Watching Húsavík: Make Your Easters Unforgettable!

Join our Easter Whale Watching Húsavík tours! There’s no better way to spend your Easters than in the Whale Capital of Iceland! Easters are right around the corner. With less than three weeks to go, it’s time to figure out how to spend Easters in Iceland! In the Whale Capital of Iceland, you’ll find North Sailing, a dedicated family company with over 20 years of experience in whale watching in Iceland.

Whale watching in Húsavík Orcas spotted. Orca in Húsavík

Great Whale Watching in Húsavík: Orcas Spotted!

Orcas spotted in Húsavík earlier this week! The whale watching in Húsavík is going great in March. We’ve already spotted plenty of humpback whales and now orcas! We had an amazing whale watching tour earlier this week when we spotted a few orcas in Skjálfandi bay! After having seen humpback whales for a couple of days in a row, it was a pleasant surprise seeing the iconic orcas approach our boat!

Today couldn’t be better!

The whale watching conditions today are basically as good as they get! Every tour this morning has been extremely successful and have 4 species already been spotted. White-beaked dolphins, minke whales, humpback whales and blue whales have been spotted and the humpback whales have been extremely playful while the blue whales are majestic as usual.…


As it has been for quite few days now, the entire sunlight cycle was about as long as our trip at sea. The rising and fading daylight showed us the way to a minke whale and 3 humpback whale. Our smiley guests were some of the last people to enjoy this magnificient year 2016. Tomorrow…

Winter oasis

After few terribly cold days, during which cancelled some of the tours, we experienced today a surprising “weather oasis”, the temperatures going up from many degrees. We could therefore enjoy some very nice sailing, with a warmish south wind and a fantastic visibility. And since the humpback whales are still squatting the waters of Skalfandi…

It’s rainning whales!

After the snow, the forst, the wind, this weeks weather pertuburbation got complete with rain! But the 14 people that were with us on the ship probably didn’t mind the shower. Because after 8, 3 and 5 humpback whales, today there were 9 humpback whales, raising this tour to the standards of the best tours…

Shake it off

The days keep on going colder and colder. But the bay remains a gift that keeps on giving! Our passengers could have been discouraged by the snow, the frost or even the shivering southern wind. But they shook it off to enjoy the how of 3 beautiful humpback whales. They remained pretty close to us…