Humpback and porpoises

Today we went out 3 times and the Humpback was spotted in all tours plus some porpoises in two tours.   Humpback going for a deep dive.                                                                                            © Christian Schmidt Captain Hreiðar in action.                                                                                                           © Christian Schmidt

3 species again

Today we´ve again spotted 3 species of whales: Minke, Humpback and dolphins. Jibbyyy! 🙂   Sailing out on Bjössi Sör                                                                                    ©Christian Schmidt   Guillemots                                                                                                        ©Christian Schmidt Humpback on the side.                                                                                                                 ©Christian Schmidt

Hard-to-find minkes

This morning was a bit rough. The whales were nowhere to be found at first, not close to the mountains like they were yesterday. We went out far north on the 10 o‘clock trip to try and scout the entire bay and eventually we saw whales far in the distance. When we arrived we found…

Minkes in the sunshine

Today was a difficult but rewarding day. I had two trips, the 10 and 13:30 o‘clock. Both trips were pretty similar; We had to travel very far south in the bay, practically up against the mountains, to find the whales. One whale even went so close to the cliffs that the boats could not follow…

A difficult day

This day was definitely not the best I've had. I did three tours today and I was really close to seeing nothing on all the trips but somehow managed to get luck in the end of all of them. On the first tour me and captain Hreiðar had been sailing for almost two hours when…