Three whale species

This was my first day at sea this year and I can’t say I was disappointed. It was pretty cold, that’s to expect in May, but the sun broke out in the afternoon which was really nice. On the earlier tour we saw three nice minke whales and lots and lots of puffins. We went…

A nice first month of the season

The last days have been really successful in Skjálfandi Bay. Our boat Bjössi Sör has been going out twice a day with happy passengers aboard. The weather has been over all nice in the last week, slightly cold but nothing that warm clothing and hot chocolate can’t fix. 3-4 whale species have been spotted almost…

Dolphins today

Today we went on our 2nd tour this season. The conditions were quite ok, northerly breeze, quite calm sea but rather cold.   We started with searching for the humpback whale we left yesterday but it seemed to have moved on to a different feeding area. At least we couldn´t find it but hopefully it´ll…

Humpback and porpoises

Today we went out 3 times and the Humpback was spotted in all tours plus some porpoises in two tours.   Humpback going for a deep dive.                                                                                            © Christian Schmidt Captain Hreiðar in action.                                                                                                           © Christian Schmidt

3 species again

Today we´ve again spotted 3 species of whales: Minke, Humpback and dolphins. Jibbyyy! 🙂   Sailing out on Bjössi Sör                                                                                    ©Christian Schmidt   Guillemots                                                                                                        ©Christian Schmidt Humpback on the side.                                                                                                                 ©Christian Schmidt