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North Sailing - Húsavík, Iceland

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November 30th 2016

Human watching grand finale

All good things must come to an end and it goes as well for the fantastic ones. After 9 months of whale-watching, this amazing season came to end today on the most beautiful note.

On a very calm sea and under a slight rain, the guests and the crew were part of a emotionful human watching tour. Two whales checked us out for almost an hour, going all around the boat, looking at us....

An amazing moment that left us all speachless!

North Sailing will now take a short-month break, to operate again from January on Northern light tours. And we will be back to see our giant friends in mid-March.

See you all soon on the water

Frederic, guide

November 29th 2016


As it has been for quite few days now, the entire sunlight cycle was about as long as our trip at sea.

The rising and fading daylight showed us the way to a minke whale and 3 humpback whale.

Our smiley guests were some of the last people to enjoy this magnificient year 2016. Tomorrow is our last tour before a month-break of sailing. Come and hop on for it! 

Frederic, guide

November 27th 2016

Winter oasis

After few terribly cold days, during which cancelled some of the tours, we experienced today a surprising "weather oasis", the temperatures going up from many degrees. We could therefore enjoy some very nice sailing, with a warmish south wind and a fantastic visibility.

And since the humpback whales are still squatting the waters of Skalfandi Bay, the tour happened to be one of this moments when the tour guide is as much a tourist as the guests. A good 7 humpbacks entertained us, our biggest problem being rather where to look than where to find them...

There are ony 3 tours left before before the end of the season and we encourage you to join us for them. Any crumbs of this amazing year, that we've had, must be enjoyed like an actual delicacy!

Frederic, guide

November 24th 2016

It's rainning whales!

After the snow, the forst, the wind, this weeks' weather pertuburbation map got complete with rain! But the 14 people that were with us on the ship probably didn't mind the shower.

Because after 8, 3 and 5 humpback whales, today there were 9 humpback whales, raising this tour to the standards of the best tours we had over the summer! We especially enjoyed a 6 individual -group, very calm and easy to approach.

Tomorrow remains suspicious, weatherwise. But we hope that we will sail. Because if we go out, we will probably keep on writing the history of this season pProbably the most succesful one since this company exists in terms of whales), with golden letters. 

Frederic, guide


November 23rd 2016

"I would shiver the whole tour through..."

Shivers were indeed the main theme of our tour today.

Basic shivers, for sure as we once again had to face a strong south wind that made the whole tour quite cold.

But shivers of excitement as well, for the fantastic whale show we were offered! 5 humpback whales in groups of two and three. From very close-up enconters to further observations enlightened by the early afternoon sunset, we had it all!

The weather will be the same tomorow. But if for the same show, today's guest and their smiles would be the first ones to encourage you to join us!

Frederic, guide


November 22nd 2016

Shake it off

The days keep on going colder and colder. But the bay remains a gift that keeps on giving!

Our passengers could have been discouraged by the snow, the frost or even the shivering southern wind.

But they shook it off to enjoy the how of 3 beautiful humpback whales. They remained pretty close to us throughout the entire observation, surfacing sometimes right next to our ship Nattfari and obsvioulsy not minding our presence.

The sailing conditions should be similar tomorrow. So come warmly dressed on the ship. But come with us at sea, because the whales really seem to be in no rush to take their winter leave.

Frederic, guide

November 21st 2016

Another one breaks the rust

After 5 days stuck on land, due to the storm that fell on us last week, the whole of the crew was very happy to put on our gloves and head back into the bay.

The panorama has changed a lot over the past days, though. A white coat has now almost entirely recovered the bay and shall not be taken out over the next months. The sea was very bumpy as well, still fed on the large remaining underwaves born from the previous days.

The one thing that hasn't changed? The whales!!! No less than 8 humpback whales were out. Two groups of 3 and 4, and a loner. Even though very hard to approach at first, partially due to the rough sailing we had, we still got very nice up-close moments with them.

Tomorrow, the wind should finally turn South. Which should bring very cold temperature, but cool down the waves as well. So WE will go out and, hopefully, find all our gigantic friends again!

Frederic, guide.

November 15th 2016

Hair drying weather

Some would argue that today's tour was a cold one. But on the bright side, if any of our guests couldn't manage to fit an hairdryer in his luggages for Iceland, today's wind probably did the trick!

Despite some rather rough conditions, we still enjoyed a very nice whale-watching. Two Minke whales showed up, rushing in the waves. And later 4 humpbacks came to visit us, enlightening the day with their signature move: the fluke lifting!

Tomorrow's weather is still uncertain. So, don't hesitate to call us if you wanna join and sail under our green flag.

Frederic, Guide



November 14th 2016

And the lights went on...

Today's tour can be summed up by comparing it with the current sunlight in Iceland. The tour started like the visit of a large desert, with Skjalfandi Bay playing here the role of a large sandy and empty lanscape. Not a sign of life appeared for more than an hour.

And just like the long dark hours that our lattitudes offer us in this late Fall, the night eventually ended and the lights went on for a fantastic turn of events. We spotted no less than 8 humpback, appearing within very close range sometimes, for a crazy feeding party! As they fed on the surface, we could see their opened mouth, baleen plates and ventral pleats on many occurences.

At the end of the tour, having such a great show had definitely warmed up our guests and rewarded their patience.

Whale watching IS a waiting game. And today, we won!

Frederic, guide

October 27th 2016

High waves/High whales

This was the kind of days when sea legs (or at least sea hearts) are a requirement to enjoy whales. In very difficult conditions, our passengers enjoyed a beautiful humpback whale show, made all the more unique by the impressive waves we experienced.

For the first time as a whale watching guide, I even watched a whale from under, as the waves actually took it to a higher level than mine.

But our passengers still raved on this unique experience and came back very happy from these two beautiful tours.

If you have any good childhood memory of yourself playing in the waves, be sure that seeing 14 to 16 meter long mammals doing the same makes quite an effect as well!

Frederic, guide.

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